On-Street Parking

On-Street Parking

The City has received numerous comments and complaints regarding the long term parking of trailers and vehicles on the roadway without moving them and/or not having up to date licensing specifically during snow storms.  When it snows and the crews are trying to plow the street the entire width.  When vehicles remain on the street, it leaves ice and snow-build up on the roadways.

The City police Department can act to remove those vehicles because of the municipal code.  The City’s code SECTION 13-27, Prolonged Parking – Prohibited.  This section states “It shall be unlawful to park or to fail to move a vehicle in and on the streets of the City for longer than forty-eight (48) hours.  Incidental movements of the vehicle or removal of the vehicle for a period of less than thirty (30) minutes shall not be considered in determining the length of time the vehicle has been parked at a particular location.”

We are requesting your assistance during snowfall and storms to remove the vehicle so the plows can remove the snow effectively. The police are notifying people with problem vehicles (those could be a car, a trailer, an RV or other such vehicles).  Problems could be issues such as expired plates, long term parking with no movement of the vehicle, or a vehicle parked in a location where it is not permitted.  The police are working to first give notice by utilizing an orange tag on the vehicle or verbally speak with the owner if they are available.  If you receive such a notice, please note that you must move your vehicle and/or ensure that it is properly licensed so that no further action is required.

If the police provide you a courtesy notice (orange), please move it within 72 hours or the City can tow the vehicle and you become responsible for the cost of towing. If this occurs, the police can issue a summons and the owner will have to appear in municipal court and possibly pay fines for the issue with the vehicle.  To date, the police have only had to tow one vehicle.

We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.  If you are concerned or don’t understand the notice or have an extenuating circumstance, please contact Chief Buck at (307) 828-2350.


Rebecca Davidson, City Administrator