City Planner
Phone: (307) 828-4069

Responsibilities & Services
The Community Development Department is responsible for the physical development of the City as well as providing support to the City Council and the Zoning Board.

The department consists of three functions: Building, Planning and Code Enforcement. The Building Division is responsible for timely review of building permit applications, scheduling plan reviews and inspections the issuance of certificates of completion and occupancy.

The operations of the Planning Division are directed by the City Planner. The Planning Division is responsible for the review of rezoning applications, subdivision applications, site plans, conditional use permits, home occupation permits and annexation requests. The Planning Division also determines the goals and objectives of the community and brings them together in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Code Enforcement Division functions primarily to investigate and enforce pertaining to offensive/excessive weed growth, and the storage of trash, junk, junked/abandoned vehicles located on private property, and other nuisance ordinances outlined in the City Code.


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