Welcome to the City of Kemmerer

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Kemmerer is known for its rich and nationally significant history. Established in 1897 and then incorporated in January of 1899, Kemmerer is a community that prides itself on it’s mining tradition that is emblematic of the development of the industry in the American West. The Kemmerer mine, Westermoreland Kemmerer, Inc., is located six miles south of the city. Kemmerer is the seat of the Lincoln County, located in a region of the country very near the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and Pony Express routes. A little known fact about Kemmerer is that James Cash aka “JC” Penney founded his chain upon moving to Kemmerer in 1902 as a dry goods store for the booming mining town. The original J.C. Penney store is still a thriving retail outlet known as the “Mother Store”.

The rich deposits of fossils in the area have long been a point of interest for paleontologist and geologists, both amateur and professional. Our Hamsfork Recreational area provides opportunities of camping, fishing and hunting. People come from all over the world to visit and explore the area